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Your Hair, Our Care

Give your hair the care it deserves in the comfort of your own home! Lux Hairbottox is a mobile hair filler specialist whose sole purpose is giving your hair the queen’s treatment! By using our special Diamond Elixir by Artego, your hair will experience unprecedented glory among many other benefits such as moisturisation, split-end repair, frizz reduction, broken hair repair, enhanced smoothing, and improved shine and volume. 

How it Works

The Diamond Elixir by Artego is perhaps the most advanced and successful hair treatment formula yet. Through its highly specialised combination of proteins, essential nutrients and effective antioxydants, it nourishes every hair from the root to the tip. 

This formula revitalises your hair no matter what type it is, even if it was chemically damaged. 

By properly applying this formula, your hair will not only become more healthy, but it will also have much less frizz, splite ends and any other damage. In short, it will restore your hair to the glory you deserve. 

What's inside

The Diamond Elixir formula by Artego contains the following ingredients:

Caviar: contains Omega 3 fatty acids, proteins and oligo elements. They are designed to stimulate collagen and keratin production which preserve hair hydration and shine.

Vitamin E: An effective antioxydant perfect for preserving hair shine and reducing colour fading.

Vitamin PP: Perfect for restructuring and conditioning your hair.

Hyaluronic Acid: Excellent for diving into the cuticles of your hair to rehydrate, restructure, and refill.

Pomegranate Glyceric Extracts: Amazing for protecting and moisturising your hair during straightening.

Amino Acids: The best to restore hair shine and preserve colour.

Not only will this formula restore your hair, but it is also infused with the scent of white musk, sandal, and ambergris to give you an excellent sensory experience. 

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